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"There are many who practice Feng Shui, but few who master the alchemy of classical Feng Shui modalities with deep intuition, wisdom, compassion and a vibrant sense of design as Suzee does. I highly recommend this bold and unique gem of a book!"

Allegra Hart
Feng Shui Design Consultant

"I have read at least a dozen books on Feng Shui, all confusing and none with a primary focus on real estate. Everyone buying, selling, or owning property needs to know the amazing GEMS inside this book."

Monica Reynolds
Coach and Trainer to Top Producers in Real Estate

Feng Shui is a powerful ally in living a life of ABUNDANCE.

While there is a lot of information out there on Feng Shui, much of it is very confusing, hard to follow, and difficult to apply.

Whether you've read 2 books on Feng Shui or 20, The Myth, Magic, and Reality of Feng Shui in Real Estate will teach you specific principles of Feng Shui that have proven to work best with homes and real estate listings for over 20 years.

It doesn't matter what you do in life. Whether you are a corporate CEO, homeowner, investor, realtor, decorator or mom and pop business owner, my book on Feng Shui teaches you what GOOD Feng Shui "looks and feels like," and how to create it .. fast and effortlessly.

Sadly, most people don't get to enjoy the AMAZING BENEFITS of Feng Shui because they get "stuck or carried away" in making things look "pretty!" (which is not the same as Feng Shui)

No doubt, beautiful environments are an integral part of this art; however, the real MAGIC of Feng Shui doesn't kick-in until you learn how to lift, shift, balance, and direct ENERGY to attract abundance and good fortune .. with grace and ease.

Start Experiencing the Blessings and Abundance of Feng Shui.

Unlike other books, this book is not about "how to" Feng Shui. It's about HOW TO SET THE FOUNDATION for "good" Feng Shui to manifest - so that you can enjoy MIRACLES beyond your imagination. I hold nothing back - this is years of knowledge and experience condensed into a quick, practical read.

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What people are saying:

"Great forward to the book! Even today we still don't know why gravity works. You show very well that you know what you are doing, so someone else can learn from you. You are indeed a Feng Shui master!"

Randy Tyler

"What a powerfully brilliant book for beginner's as well as advanced students of Feng Shui. Your wisdom is profound; You epitomize balance and help us live more balanced, blessed, and energetic lives. Thank you Suzee for continuing to teach the people of the world, and for making the world a better place."

Dawn Sumerford,
Feng Shui Certified Consultant

"You take the reader on a fantastic journey of what IS and what ISN'T. Thank you for expanding my universe. It was an honor, a gift. Your words carry the energy of grace. Reading your book was A GOLDEN MOMENT."

Edy Trevizo
Native American

About the Author

Suzee Miller has been active in Business, Feng Shui and Real Estate for over three decades. As a successful entrepreneur, Ms. Miller's accomplishments have been published in Who's Who in Business in California, and Who's Who of Women in Real Estate in the United States.

She is a graduate of the American Feng Shui Institute, the Lotus Institute of Feng Shui, Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai Feng Shui Center of Excellence in Malaysia, and Grand Master Mantak Chia's Universal Healing Tao Center of Thailand.

Discover the POWER of Feng Shui for yourself.

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"Wow, I love your book Suzee!! I just finished reading it all. Great! Very interesting, after all these years consulting with you I learned some new things. It was as if you were talking to me. It will be another on the bestseller list for sure!"

Darlene Schaefer
Real Estate Investor