Mission Statement

Our mission is to RAISE CONSCIOUSNESS on the planet by educating YOU on the "visible and invisible" forces of nature, so that you can live your life on PURPOSE and PASSION. When this is accomplished, individually and collectively, we begin to heal not only ourselves but also the Earth and Mankind.

~ Suzee Miller

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CERT Administrator - Dawn Sumerford - 949.274.0440

"I am listening to your Feng Shui course and it is wonderful. I have been a Feng Shui Consultant since May of 1999 through the Pyramid School, but I can’t believe all the new things I am learning!"

Laleah Pierce, Feng Shui Consultant, FL

"I am enjoying your Feng Shui audio programs more than you can imagine! Being Feng Shui Certified has already changed my life and career in amazing ways!"

Connie Thomas, Feng Shui Certified Stager, LA

"I just double-ended a property in 3 DAYS using Suzee Miller’s Feng Shui sales and marketing techniques. The Feng Shui Certification course and benefits are worth every penny, ten times over!"

Sandra Jean LaBarbera, Feng Shui Certified REALTOR®, RE/MAX, NC

"I am presently enrolled in Suzee Miller's Feng Shui Certification program and wish I had taken the course sooner! It is very organized and has opened my eyes to integrative Feng Shui. I love knowing that I have the ability to transform energy. Thank you Suzee for sharing your AMAZING knowledge, wisdom and understanding of Feng Shui!"

Shaylyn Padgett, Homeowner, Dawsonville, GA

"Your Feng Shui audio books and audio programs are phenomenal. I am only half way thru them, but already the opportunities that are coming along are just UNIMAGINABLE! Thank you."

Manoj Shivnani - Business Entrepreneur, Spain

NOTE: All CERT sales are final and non-refundable due to Intellectual Property Rights/Law.