Is your life as DELICIOUS as Chocolate?

Perugina Baci chocolates from Italy; each chocolate is wrapped in a love note!


As the Yang Summer draws to a close, we find ourselves turning Yin-ward, to reconnect with our bodies, emotions and souls.

To prepare for the "extreme" EARTH changes happening on the Planet, it's important to get your home and office "energetically" aligned and in balance with Mother Earth's vibrational forces, BEFORE the new cycle begins on... February 4, 2013.

Actually, the New Earth ENERGY for 2013 is already present on the Planet!!!

If you have been wondering what's going on - why you or a loved one have been feeling OFF BALANCE, out of sorts, sick, depressed, agitated, overwhelmed and/or confused, you need to take RESPONSIBILITY for your life now!

Our loyal clients' who Feng Shui annually with us, have been enjoying amazing success and good fortune this DRAGON year, in spite of horrific ups and downs in the economy and World at large.

So, please take the time now to schedule a Feng Shui Consultation, if you haven't already done so, so that you are prepared for the DOUBLE Earth energy that is vibrating and moving a lightning speed now and throughout 2013..!

CHANGE IS IN THE AIR... don't waste another day to SWEETEN your life with more JOY, PEACE, LAUGHTER, LOVE and FINANCIAL LIBERATION with Feng Shui Master Suzee Miller's Certification.

Kimberly Vuz's Sweet SUCCESS!

"Thank you Suzee for a wonderful Feng Shui consultation in June; we really needed it!

As I placed the correct amounts of metal and water in areas and followed your other suggestions, I felt a huge energy shift. It was AMAZING what happened. I am so pleased to report that the sales for my chocolate business in August significantly increased from the same time last year... by almost 200%!!! This is really impressive since the summer months are typically slower, especially August!!

We are looking forward to our 2013 Feng Shui audit. We learned our lesson this year to do it before February! Believe me, we will never skip our annual Feng Shui update again, that's for sure!

Feng Shui definitely works; thank you Suzee,"

Kimberly Vuz
Premium Chocolates By Victoria
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~ each chocolate is wrapped in a LOVE note ~