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"I marvel at the miracles and will never stop being grateful for the magical union that happens when I live life on purpose!"

By Sybilla Lenz - Author of "WELCOME HOME (OM)"

~ A word from the Author ~

"I searched on the web and found Suzee Miller's Certification program and just loved it. The program gave me another level of knowledge to add to my Feng Shui education. Suzee's program was informative, visual for easier learning and application to homes, landscape and land. In fact, I've been so happy with the program that to this day I recommend it to others who want to broaden their Feng Shui knowledge or become better consultants.

Recently I had a business consultation with Suzee and I applied her specific remedies and enhancements and have had the following results: I immediately had an increase in prosperity/income, and a deeper level of focus in my business. I explained to Suzee that I wanted to increase attention to my new book and I received a call to do a book signing in New York City ONE week after completing her Feng Shui recommendations! Now my book is on Amazon and Kindle and over 30,000 people have shown interest in it, in the last week alone!!! It's absolutely phenomenal what has happened in less than 60 days!

I highly recommend a consultation with Suzee Miller and her certification course, even if you think you already know Feng Shui. I can say this from experience as I've been doing Feng Shui consulting since 1999!

Namaste with gratitude Suzee,"

Sybilla Lenz
Feng Shui CERTIFIED Professional
Pennsylvania, USA

Sybilla's book WELCOME HOME (OM) spells out, simplistically, the different schools of Feng Shui...
along with documented success stories on how to use them.
It's a great read for Feng Shui enthusiasts and professionals alike.


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