Feng Shui INSPIRED Creation

Dear Suzee,

I can't express to you how grateful I am for all your wisdom and giftedness with Feng Shui that has helped me transform my energy. When I had my first consultation with you back in 2009, I was reeling from the economic downturn, experiencing a drastic shift in my employment, lost all 4 of my homes, and was living in a backhouse on a relative's property. Literally in the middle of a field of rocks and weeds. The Feng Shui we did back then brought an immediate lift to my situation, despite all the negative circumstances going on, but admittedly, it was a tough row.

Since I was living on a piece of land that had some severe locks, and struggling daily with the losses, the Feng Shui I did definitely helped, but it was a lot to overcome. I didn't realize there was a lot of inner transformation I had to go through until the complete effects of Feng Shui could be felt in my life.

That brings me to November of 2011, at our most recent consultation. The new place I was living in had some great energy for me, and since I had educated myself in Feng Shui through so many of your programs, and had even become Certified, I already had a pretty good handle on placement. However, you helped me fine tune it immensely though (your insight is GENIUS!), and it prepared the way for some superb energy to begin turbo-charging my life. NO KIDDING!

Immediately, a resurgence of my creativity flooded in... I did a new oil painting portrait (which I had not done in 15 years). I felt revived. In love even. I had a new attitude about coming FROM abundance that had only been cultivated through the previous years of loss. In honoring my talents and skills, I also learned when to say "no" and when to say "yes" to my business clients -- and amazingly, when I would cut loose the clients I was less than thrilled with, the more new lucrative, intriguing and wonderfully easy-going clients deluged me with work. I even had to start taking on freelancers to help me with the overflow!

In addition, I formed a women's health business with my sister, started doing more "fun" work like video and music editing, and started paying back bills that had been lagging since my prior years of loss. The best moment was when I was finally able to start donating to my favorite charities again.

I really have to credit so much of this to your influence and instruction, Suzee, because many of the nuances of successful Feng Shui or business, or anything really, have to do with the subtle energies surrounding and infusing us -- and your certification course and websites do a great job to enlighten us as to those nuances. I spend every morning and evening in gratitude -- it's a daily, tangible practice for me. I constantly refresh the energy in the land and inside my home by clutter busting, organizing, decor changes, flowers, beads, ribbons and what have you. I make it a point to do Spring cleaning at every season... not just Spring. And all this goes for my home, my garden, my clothing, my "self", my car... everything.

So thank you Suzee, because I am experiencing a personal renaissance ever since my consultation with you in November.

Keep being your AMAZING self!

Carine L. Horner

Feng Shui Certification Member with Feng Shui Master Suzee Miller
www.GraphicAlchemyOnline.com (graphics, web design, printing, video editing)
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