Feng Shui Certification on the Payment Plan

At the request of many subscribers and customers we are finally able to offer Feng Shui CERTIFICATION in THREE (3) installments!

Here is what you will receive with each installment payment:


Visit - Feng Shui Certification Course Overview - to preview modules.

TERMS OF THE INSTALLMENT PROGRAM - $1,500 - Each Payment $500

  1. Once you have PAID IN FULL (have made all three installment payments) you then have the opportunity to REGISTER. Registration allows you access to our CERT members' website.
  2. Access to testing your Feng Shui skill and knowledge (300 Questions and Answers) is available to you 30 days 'AFTER' Registration.
  3. Installment payments 2 and 3 can be made anytime within "24 months" of your first installment purchase - INTEREST FREE.
First Delivery 1 of 3 payments of $ 500.00


  1. Receive ALL course material - audio and PDF downloads at check-out.
  2. Receive immediate access to REGISTRATION.
  3. Receive immediate access to our exclusive CERT members 'only' website.
Register Now! 1 payment of $ 1,500.00

Learn more reasons why - FENG SHUI CERTIFICATION is the way to go..!

"Thanks for all the Feng Shui remedies and advise Suzee. Your certification course has already exploded my business! You are the BEST!"

Jay Kim, CEO - Idolian Mobile Inc., South Korea & USA

"I AM LISTENING to your Feng Shui course and it is wonderful. I have been a Feng Shui Consultant since May of 1999 through the Pryamid School, but I can't believe all the new things I am learning!"

Laleah Pierce, Feng Shui Consultant, USA

"Thank you Suzee for your remarkable knowledge and for developing this Feng Shui course... you are truly an inspiration! I am having phenomenal success with your Feng Shui approach and techniques. It's exciting and thrilling, and I cannot thank you enough!!!"

Nadene Hagen /Geologist and Feng Shui Certified Consultant - Saskatchewan, Canada.

"I just double-ended a property in 3 DAYS using Suzee Miller's Feng Shui sales and marketing techniques. The Feng Shui Certification course and benefits are worth every penny, ten times over!"

Sandra Jean LaBarbera, Feng Shui Certified REALTOR&®, RE/MAX, NC

"I am enjoying your Feng Shui audio programs more than you can imagine! Being Feng Shui Certified has already changed my life and career in amazing ways!"

Connie Thomas, Feng Shui Certified Stager, LA

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NOTE: INTERNATIONAL FENG SHUI CERTIFICATION is the most affordable certification offered in the World. It has a 16 year "proven" track record of SUCCESS for bringing people and property into harmony, balance and abundance with .. Grace, Glory and Ease.